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Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps

  • Double-J Hooks
  • Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Down
  • Nylon Woven Straps
  • Straps: Yellow
  • Handle Marked with WLL
  • Strap Marked with WLL & BS
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Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

  • Clear Anti-Fog Lens
  • Clear Frame
  • CSA Certified Z94.3-07
  • Lightweight wrap-around design
  • Molded Nose-Piece
  • Frameless Polycarbonate lens
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Case Quantity: 12
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  • Orange Polyurethane Wheel
  • High Density Polyurethane
  • Precision Ball Bearings
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How to Reduce Costs by Getting Quality Tools for Less

When prioritizing cutting costs of tools and equipment, many buyers look to cut upfront costs – reducing the cost per piece for initial purchase. Unfortunately, this short-term thinking could end up costing your company more in the long run. Purchasing cheap tools is not as cheap as you think.

Choosing products based on the cheapest price is not always the right choice for your business. Instead, it is crucial to ensure you are securing the correct products – quality tools and equipment – for your business at price and service levels that help you increase profit and production efficiency while ensuring worker safety. Focus on the bigger financial picture – not just the upfront product cost.

If optimizing costs is a priority for your company, you should consider the cost of purchasing cheap tools vs. shifting to a long-term focus and purchasing private label quality tools. This could help you reduce long-term costs and improve production efficiency and worker safety.

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8 Tips to Workplace Safety Compliance

All employers know that workplace safety is important for their organization. Injuries to workers can mean losing your workers – short or long-term – which results in reduced worker productivity and employee morale. It can also result in increased employee turnover and business disruption. There are obvious costs like medical expenses but many employers underestimate the sizable impact of indirect worker injury costs.

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource, so it is important to focus safety compliance. Organizations want to keep their employees safe and healthy. In an industrial environment, it is particularly crucial as risks of workplace injuries are high and impact to the injured worker, their family, and the organization can be costly – both emotionally and financially.

So, what are the real costs of worker injuries?

Read on to get tips to improve worker safety…

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Occupational Health & Safety Magazine – Guide to Selecting the Proper Gloves to Ensure Worker Safety

In 2007, OH&S published an article, A Basic Guide for Selecting the Proper Gloves, delving deeply into choosing the right health and safety supplies – specifically gloves. The article covers a variety of glove selection considerations including: financial implications of worker hand injuries, understanding the impact gloves make on worker safety and productivity, specific applications and risks including chemical protection, cut/puncture protection, etc., and safety glove care and inspection.

The article also highlights 8 questions to ask for proper glove selection. In addition, OH&S also points out the importance of involving workers in the glove selection process as they are likely most familiar with working conditions. To ensure glove safety compliance, it is important to do your due diligence on glove selection to ensure worker safety.

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